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Best PC Cleaner Software 2021

Are you also looking for the best PC cleaner software to revive the speed of your PC? With the help of the PC cleaner software, it will boost the overall speed of the computer and will open all the files within seconds instead of taking much time. You should be looking for the prodigious software through which you can easily remove the accumulated junk and the temporary files as it will be a wastage of time if you try to work on the slow-running PC. With our blog about the features of the best PC cleaner software, you can easily look for the robust software and the methods to speed up the computer ad also how the best PC cleaner software i.e. Av plus Pro computer optimizer software that the entire computer should have installed in their system. So, if you are looking for free software then let us recall that all the free software is not much proficient in making the life of the user much easier. With the free software, you will get the basic features that you can also do manually. In fact, if you will just upgrade your computer/ laptop the best method is to get used to the premium version of the PC cleaner software.

You can see an abundance of software available in the market that will help you in getting rid of all the old and temporary files that are of no use to you. So, we have selected the best PC cleaner software i.e. Av Plus Pro. This software is efficient enough to de-clutter your PC and completely clear all the unwanted and junk files. No doubt this PC cleaner software is lightweight and focuses on the mopping up of all the cookies, invalid paths, temporary files, and also registry keys.

What is the Characteristic of PC Cleaner Software?


The software that you will install should be legitimate and reliable. So, before downloading you should check the authenticity of the software. Make sure that it does not have malware or virus infiltration. If you want to make sure that it is malware and virus free you can use Malwarebytes and then run a full scan of the system.

 User- Friendly:

If you have already downloaded the best PC cleaner then it should be user-friendly. Because every user of the electronic device is not good enough in handling the functions of the software and even if you are also not tech-savvy.


The software that you have found for your computer should be able to fulfill all the promise of providing customer gratification by making the operating device hassle-free. Even it should also be best in boosting the overall performance of the PC.

Support Desk:

Even if you face any issue related to the software then it must have a support desk where you can approach and get the solutions related to the setup, installation, and also for activation of the software. The user should easily approach the experts of the software for further help.


Also, the Pc cleaner software should support all the devices which have window configuration, and also the software should be compatible with Windows 7 and 10.

What are the methods to boost the overall performance of the Laptop/ Computer?

Delete Temporary Files:

First of all, you will be required to remove all the temporary files such as internet history, cookies, and cache. If you will not delete these files then it will trouble you in a hard time. If you want to boost up the performance of your PC then you will need to free up the storage space on your hard disk. And if you are tired of deleting them manually then you can download the PC cleaner software to delete all the unwanted files from your hard drive that are of no use.

Delete Browser Extensions and Plugins:

If you have installed the extensions for the browser and also the plugin then let us remind you that it will slow down the performance of your PC and also the speed of the browser will get affected. To boost the speed all you can do is uninstall the plugins and the extension that is of no use.

Uninstall Unused Programs:

We might have seen that there are some pre-installed programs that we never use and are of no use to us. But these pre-installed applications cover a lot of memory, disk space and sometimes run in the background that it slows down the performance of the PC.

Remove Bloatware or Adware:

Do you have any idea that which is the most significant factor that plays a vital role in slowing down the performance of your PC? Then let us inform you that Bloatware takes maximum system resources. Adware and Bloatware are used by third parties or by hackers who are capable of stealing all your information. If you will remove the Bloatware then it automatically improves the performance of your PC.

 Stop Programs from Launching:

You Might have seen that when you start your computer, there are programs which start launching automatically. All these programs take maximum memory of the computer. So, you will need to click on the window icon and then tap on Menu and look for MSConfig. After it, you need to click on the startup tabs and all the programs that are popping up. You will need to uncheck them so that they should not launch automatically.

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