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Breathe New Life to Old Computer

Don’t be so quick to sell off that old computer Despite being gradual, clunky, and susceptible to crashes, your antique desktop or laptop may just be perfectly usable — after some light improvements in order to breathe new life into it and allow you to use it for other computing needs. Read more about New Life to Old Computer.

Just earlier than making a decision to throw out that old computer and upgrade to a new one you might be surprised to discover how a completely short and easy hardware swap should without a doubt alternate everything. The hard drive in the old computer I use whilst on the road currently died which gave me the best excuse to upgrade things a touch. it. Here we carry you a guide on a way to convey it again to life.

Upgrade Hardware

If you’re inclined to spend a couple of dollars on some hardware upgrades, you may make your old gadget run more snappy. Before making any changes to your hardware, ensure you backup your device first.


The simplest way to feature higher overall performance to an older system is to add extra reminiscence. Not certain what type of reminiscence you’ve got set up?

Hard Drive

Another manner to enhance performance is to install a larger and quicker Hard drive. In quite a few laptops the difficult drive is 4200RPM, you could improve to a 5400 or 7200RPM drive that needs to enhance read/write overall performance. You can also have that older 40GB hard drive crammed to ability…large drives are surely falling in price so doubling the capacity is an option as properly.


If you’re a sophisticated user and need to get honestly geeky, you may usually upgrade your Desktop CPU to a faster one. Keep in thoughts although that this is extra complex and also you’ll want to determine out what CPUs are like-minded along with your present-day motherboard and chipset.

Graphics Card

Another way to enhance a computer’s overall performance is to improve the video card, in particular, in case your motherboard has included images. You will need to recognize the sort of slots that can be on your motherboard (PCI, PCIe, AGP…and so forth). If you aren’t sure what kind of growth slots you’ve got, we are able to use the application SIW that is free for personal use.

Reinstall Windows

After years of putting in and uninstalling programs, playing video games, and simply normal use of your computer, Windows starts offevolved to sluggish down. It will happen even if you do ordinary upkeep like Using Disk Cleanup, defrag your hard drive, and ease your device with utilities like pc cleaner.

If you re-install your OS from the backup discs that got here with your PC or use the protected healing partition, it will also install any Bloat-ware that came with it.

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